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Non-AI projects

Project Title Lead PI & Affiliation Year Funded/Amount Expected Results Availability
These projects have been funded and are currently in progress.
Causes of Keel Bone abnormalities in Laying hens housed in Enriched Colony Systems Dr. Maja Makagon - University of California - Davis (previously with Purdue University) 2013 - $84,380 December 2016
The Effects of Egg Yolk on Piglet Growth, Health, and Gut Microbial Populations Dr. Phillip Miller - University of Nebraska - Lincoln 2014 - $35,000 December 2016
Characterization of the Predisposing factors and pathogenesis of FDN in egg layers Dr. Monique Franca - University of Georgia 2014 - $99,964 April 2018
Understanding clinical focal duodenal necrosis Dr. Carol Cardona - University of Minnesota 2014 - $28,769 Unknown


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