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Michael Sencer

Michael Sencer

Michael Sencer is the Senior Vice President for Hidden Villa Ranch located in Fullerton, California. Involved in the food and egg industry for over 45 years, he started in 1971, working nights for California Ranch Fresh Egg Company in El Monte, California. Sencer became a working partner at that company for 17 years before joining Hidden Villa Ranch in 1986. 

Sencer has served as the state appointee to the State of California Shell Egg Advisory Board, serving as past chairman and vice chairman of this group. He has also served on the California Newcastle/Avian Bird Flu Task Force and is acting president of the California Egg Industry Association. Sencer serves on the American Egg Board and two committees of the United Egg Producers in addition to the numerous other past leadership positions he has held within California and beyond.

Sencer holds a B.S. degree in real estate, accounting and finance from California State University, as well as a subsequent degree in computer programming and his completion of the Food Industry Executive Program at the University of Southern California.

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