Egg Industry Center

Richard Gates


Dr. Richard S. Gates serves as the Director of the Egg Industry Center. He holds the Iowa Egg Council Endowed Professorship and has appointments in the departments of agricultural and biological engineering and animal science at Iowa State University. Prior to his appointment as director, Gates was a faculty member...

Maro Ibarburu

Associate Scientist - Business Analyst

Mr. Ibarburu's master degree in economics is key to his role in analyzing the economics of the U.S. egg industry. He then provide meaningful marketing and statistical information to the industry in the form monthly reports including flock and price projections. Ibarburu is the U.S. Egg Industry economics informant reporting...

Lesa Vold

Communications Specialist

Vold is responsible for communication to several audiences including: egg producers and processors, government agencies, university faculty, staff and researchers as well as other U.S. egg industry champions like the American Egg Board and the United Egg Producers. One of Vold's main roles is coordination of the annual Egg Industry...

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