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Hongwei Xin

Director and Assistant Dean

Hongwei Xin

Dr. Xin is the Assistant Dean for Research in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University. He is a Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABE) and Animal Science and an Iowa Egg Council endowed professor. Since 2008, he has been the director of the Egg Industry Center, where he helps achieve the mission of the center by providing oversight of the day-to-day operations.

In addition to coordinating EIC-funded research projects, Xin also leads his own research and extension programs focusing on a) air quality issues relative to animal production; b) animal-environment interactions with regards to animal bioenergetics, behavior and welfare, production efficiency and sustainability; and c) livestock and poultry housing systems and environmental control.

Xin’s scholarly accomplishments include being author/co-author of 160 published refereed journal articles (over 500 technical publications and presentations total); Project Investigator (PI) or co-PI of $22 million in contracts and grants; mentor of 60 graduate students, post-docs and visiting scholars; presenter of over 100 invited talks in 15 countries. He serves on a number of academic, industry and government scientific advisory boards or task forces at state, national and international levels.

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