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The Incredible Update is one of the Egg Industry Center's newsletter information sources. Focused on the activities and programs of EIC, the Incredible Update is sent periodically to help subscribers stay informed about facts, figures and timelines for the EIC's annual Egg Industry Issues Forum, announcements about newly formed partnerships or EIC recognition as well as updates on activities or projects the center is involved with. If you are looking for information about what the center is doing, the Incredible Update is for you!

Incredible Update | March 2018

Issued March 9, 2018

Incredible Update | December 2017

Issued December 7, 2017

Incredible Update | July 2017

Issued July 20, 2017

Incredible Update | March 2017

Issued March 14, 2017

Incredible Update | November 2016

Issued November 16, 2016

Incredible Update | June 2016

Issued June 30, 2016

Incredible Update | March 2016

Issued March 15, 2016

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