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Register for the '21 Virtual Forum

This year attendees will experience an Egg Industry Issues Forum like never before. For $75, registered participants will have access to six hours of live virtual education and at least an additional hour of education available "at-will" on the "Egg Forum Virtual Platform" hosted on the EIC website. 

The official schedule highlights daily two-hour educational sessions on April 20-22. "Our focus is to provide the same outstanding educational content that Forum is known for, but do it in a way that ensures everyone's safety with COVID," said EIC Director Dr. Richard Gates. "We have learned a lot about structuring virtual meetings over this past year, and the multi-day format with a consistent timeframe of 1:30-3:30 p.m. CDT works for our national viewership base."

The three-day agenda highlights sessions for sustainability, risk-management, and lightning talks covering a variety of topics touching on cage-free buildings, fire mitigation, emissions regulations, and the future of educating our labor force. In the at-will sessions, results from two EIC-funded research studies will be shared, accompanied by a long-term layer project from North Carolina State University.

More information can be found at the Egg Industry Center website.



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