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EIC Director Recognized

EIC Director, Richard S. Gates, was presented the Iowa Egg Council Endowed Professorship medallion during a ceremony in March at Iowa State University. Daniel J. Robison, Endowed Dean's Chair of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences presided over the ceremony and explained their significance. Medallion ceremonies are an Iowa State University tradition that is used to formally install the holders of named faculty positions and to emphasize the significance of the position they hold. The endowed positions provide the holders a rank of distinction among their colleagues and offer some additional flexibility to address their research goals. 

The Iowa Egg Council partnered with Iowa State University to create the endowed professorship for the director of the Egg Industry Center.  Additional information on the ceremony can be found in this Iowa State University press release or the article published by WATTAgNet

Pictured above left to right are: JT Dean and Kevin Stiles, both of Iowa Egg Council, Richard Gates and Daniel Robison, both of Iowa State University, and Bruce Dooyema with the Iowa Egg Council. 


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