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Workshop Choices Announced

This year Egg Forum is providing a choice for its in-depth post-forum workshop experience.



This workshop will explore the questions of when, why and how to make strategic position adjustments over time to manage price volatility and increase flexibility in pricing decisions. Beginning with a review of best practices of effective position management, next participants will be guided through an actual historical market case study in a simulation to reinforce the topics presented. Attendees will make price management decisions incorporating both futures and options strategies to manage the risk of an agricultural producer’s profit margin over time through several decision periods. Decisions will be immediately reviewed for discussion and evaluation. Walk away with fresh ideas of how to improve your operation’s forward profitability and more confidence in your risk management abilities. Workshop will conclude at approximately 3 p.m.


Mr. Michael Shawver - VP, New Business Development, Commodity & Ingredient Hedging, LLC (CIH)

Since joining the CIH team in 2005, Mr. Shawver has presented core strategies and concepts necessary for effective margin management to hundreds of farmers and end-users across the U.S. and Latin America. Mr. Shawver began his career at CIH as an account executive, consulting with producers on a daily basis. This hands-on experience has provided him a practical understanding of the mechanics of the futures and options industry and a unique ability to translate complex formulas and strategies into clear, concise and simple language.  Additionally, he has contributed significantly to the presence of CIH in the poultry, dairy and cattle sectors as well as the development of analytical resources for the company. Mr. Shawver graduated from Northwestern University with an economics degree with additional studies in French and Spanish.

About CIH

Through a unique combination of educational seminars, software and team-oriented consultation, Commodity & Ingredient Hedging, LLC offers producers the critical information, tools and skills needed to make better purchasing decisions. Widely recognized as a leader in price management services, CIH has been offering clients leading market insights, strategy reviews and expert guidance to produce a strategic edge since 1999. Based in Chicago, CIH is made up of over 50 professionals and is located directly across from the Chicago Board of Trade.



If you are looking for an in-depth discussion and practical approach a topic that you thought you already understood, then this workshop is for you. Focused on maintaining a site-specific biosecurity program for the long haul, this workshop will look at long-term investments (structural, operational, and cultural) that will stand the test of time for 10+ years. Disinfection, sanitation 101, appointing a biosecurity officer, enforcing proper line of separation clean/dirty will be discussed and an interactive demo will be involved. The instructors live in the industry every day and implementation is their job so bring your real-world scenarios and get ready for some open discussion and decision making involving biosecurity. 


Dr. Travis Schaal - Internal Technical Services Manager, Hy-Line International

Dr. Schaal oversees the company biosecurity, animal welfare, and flock health programs, certifies international exports of day old chicks and hatching eggs, and manages production of contract great-grandparent and grandparent farms. He has worked with Hy-Line grandparent and parent stock distribution centers and commercial customers globally to support optimal production of Hy-Line products and implementation of the company’s quality program. Additionally, he provides technical support to Hy-Line North America and Valo BioMedia North America (SPF egg production).

Dr. Jacob DeVries - USDA & Iowa Poultry Association

Dr. Jacob DeVries is a USDA APHIS Veterinary Medical Officer in the state of Iowa. Jacob is stationed at the Iowa Poultry Association in Urbandale, IA as a liaison for the poultry industry. His current focus is providing biosecurity collaboration with poultry producers. Jacob graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in May of 2015.

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