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Hongwei Xin to Move

Professional Photo of Dr. Hongwei XinThe University of Tennessee's Institute for Agriculture (UTIA) announced the appointment of Dr. Hongwei Xin as its Dean for AgResearch in late 2018. While EIC is excited for Dr. Xin's new opportunity to help others through research; we are sad to see him leave the Center he worked so hard to bring into existence. Dr. Xin will join the EIC Advisory Board and will be at the 2019 Egg Industry Issues Forum. Please join us in Kansas City to say thank you to Dr. Xin for his hard work as the Center's founding director.

In his new role, Xin will oversee the strategic achievement of the Institute's research objectives that help benefit Tennessee's diversified agriculture and natural resource industries. This work will include oversight of 10 research and education centers located across the state. These centers address real problems through research and focus on answering questions posed by producers, agribusinesses, agricultural professionals, and the general public.

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