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New Dean Excited about EIC

Dr. Dan Robison has been named the Dean of Iowa State University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. He joined the ISU community on campus in January 2019.

This new appointment is important for the Egg Industry Center because the Dean helps govern the Center's activities and holds a seat on the Center's Advisory Board. The Dean sent comments to the board expressing his excitement to be engaged with the center, "I am thrilled to be in [the Dean's] role and to become fully engaged with the EIC.  The work of the EIC is terrific and very important.  Our capacity together to reach the full spectrum of the egg industry, everywhere, is vital." Dean Robison also initiated the development and meeting of the search committee that will be tasked with discovering the next Egg Industry Center Director.

Dean Robison will be joining the industry at the 2019 Egg Industry Issues Forum. Please join us in Kansas City to welcome the Dean to his new role at Iowa State and the Center.

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