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The Egg Industry Center Research Grant Program has a goal to encourage high quality egg-related research at academic institutions nationwide.

Our highly competitive proposal process selects research projects based on scientific merit and relevance to current or emerging issues in the egg industry. The program is funded through the Egg Industry Center Endowment Fund, which ensures research resources remain available for the egg industry. The center is excited to continue to expand the variety of scientific solutions this research is discovering, and to help share that information with all who are interested in learning about it.

"The vision for the Egg Industry Center grew from the realization we had to sustain the ability to research the essential questions facing egg enterprises."                  - Kevin Vinchattle, former Iowa Poultry Association CEO


Award Year Pre-proposals Received Awards Granted
2013 25 1
2014 22 3
2015 19* 6
2016 18 5
2017 24 3
2018 28 3





                                                                                                    *Targeted RFP topic: Avian Influenza

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