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EIC-Funded Research Project Summary

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These projects have been funded and are currently in progress. When completed, projects read "available now."

Project Title Lead PI & Affiliation EIC Grant Cycle/Amount Estimated Results Availability
Causes of keel bone abnormalities in laying hens housed in enriched colony systems Dr. Maja Makagon - University of California - Davis (PI affiliated with Purdue University when funding was awarded.) 2013 - $84,380 Available Now
The effects of egg yolk on piglet growth, health, and gut microbial populations Dr. Phillip Miller - University of Nebraska - Lincoln 2014 - $35,000 Available Now
Characterization of the predisposing factors and pathogenesis of FDN in egg layers Dr. Monique Franca - University of Georgia 2014 - $99,964 October 2018
The role of litter beetles, water, rodents and feed in the avian influenza virus transmission Dr. Giambrone - Auburn University 2015 - $38,000 July 2018
Identifying genetic basis for resistance to avian influenza in commercial egg layer chickens Dr. Jack Dekkers - Iowa State University 2015 - $50,000 Available Now
Understanding new Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza viruses affect in the U.S. poultry industry and their persistence Dr. Gallardo - University of California-Davis 2015 - $65,000 July 2018
Evaluation of alternative environmental sample matrices for AIV surveillance and stability in commercial poultry facilities Dr. Gauger - Iowa State University 2015 - $43,168 Available Now
Evaluation of feedstuffs for the presence of avian influenza virus collected from feed mills and poultry farms and their role in spreading AIV Dr. Yuko Sato - Iowa State University 2015 - $45,297 Available Now
Role of terrestrial wild birds, rodents and insects in spreading avian influenza virus to commercial layer operations Dr. Kyoung-Jin Yoon - Iowa State University 2015 - $119,866 Available Now
Develop feasible methods to extract immune-enhancing yolk IgY and produce differentiated and functional yolk products Dr. Tong Wang - Iowa State University 2016 - $62,601 November 2018
Analysis of sequence data of survivors and controls from Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza outbreaks Dr. Anna Wolc - Iowa State University 2016 - $28,000 February 2019
Improving the transition between rear and lay environments to improve welfare and productivity of aviary-housed laying hens Dr. Janice Siegford - Michigan State University 2016 - $90,780 October 2019
Cage-Free housing ventilation options to reduce disease spread, improve air quality, and enhance bird welfare Dr. Eileen Fabian - Pennsylvania State University 2016 - $44,166 June 2019
Comparison of gut and lung microbiomes of hens raised in conventional and cage-free houses to determine disease susceptibility Dr. Melha Mellata - Iowa State University 2016 - $59,010 December 2018

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