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Egg Fun Facts & Education

Looking to get your classroom interested about science, food or where their food comes from? These links may be helpful.

EGGucation Resources

Providing Activities and Eggsperiments and Eggs 101 Video Project and much more, this site will help educate Preschool through High School students on fun items related to America's egg farms and the protein power packed punch that comes from them.

Kid-Friendly Recipes

Everyone should learn how to cook and eggs are one of the most versitile foods in the kitchen. Use this site to show a beginner how something so simple can become so fantastic.

Egg Terms and Definitions

Did you know something so simple could be so complex? Here is your chance to find out things you didn't even know you didn't know.

Egg Math

A collection of web modules (including many interactive applets) covering different topics in mathematics related to eggs; it is intended for use in K-12 classrooms, as in the Chickscope project at the Beckman Institute.

Coloring Pages

Want your kids to color something more than a fictional character in a coloring book? Follow this link to help them learn while they have fun.

Ag in the Classroom

This page, although established as a home school resource, covers two important government programs for educating youth on Agriculture.


The Study of Life is designed to provide you with background information and exciting experiential activities dealing with life science for use in your classroom.

Animal Agriculture Resource Library

Information about the newest topics in animal agriculture like animal welfare, antibiotics and sustainability.

Everything Poultry & Eggs

Want a video about careers in the poultry industry? What about a place for your kids to become a food detective? This and so much more for your classroom is all right here.

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