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2017 Iowa Egg Symposium

The 2017 Iowa Egg Symposium proved to be an excellent opportunity for egg producers and allied-industry members to garner information to guide their future decisions.

The one-day meeting highlighted topics touching on regulatory and flock health issues as well as an afternoon session focused on presentations discussing a variety of implications that impact the industry’s movement toward cage-free production. Panel experts reported from various fields including animal welfare, economics, production, health and disease, equipment and biosecurity.

The meeting also showcased several student research posters highlighting projects that help address current issues in the industry. The winner of the poster competition was Dr. Lilong Chai, post-doctural associate of Dr. Hongwei Xin.  Dr. Chai's research was conducted on mitigating particulate matter and ammonia generations from cage-free hen litter.

Highlights from each presenter can be found at the links below.

APEC & Resistance 101: Dr. Caterine Logue

Are you monitoring for Gallibacterium? Dr. Kelli Jones

Flock Health Best Practice Review: Dr. Pat Wakenell

Iowa Forges Forward with Audit Prep Despite Ruling Lull: Emily Reynolds

Cage-Free Panelist: Dr. Suzanne Millman

Cage-Free Panelist: Maro Ibarburu

Cage-Free Panelist: Dr. Craig Rowles

Cage-Free Panelist: Aaron Willey

Cage-Free Panelist: Dr. Danielle Botting

Cage-Free Panelist: Jesse McCoy



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