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Each month the Egg Industry Center compiles data and statistics on the U.S. Egg Industry and uses this information to create two reports that are available here. Because market data is not available until the following month, the publish date on the reports lags one month (e.g. November data is reported on in December).

U.S. Flock Trends and Projections Report

This report outlines miscellaneous statistics about the U.S. egg industry. It includes regional comparisons and in some cases 10-year trends on some industry variables. It also includes a projection for the US Flock Size.

U.S. Egg Costs and Prices Report

This report highlights feed prices and cost of production information throughout various regions of the U.S. From the feed perspective, it includes a summary of the corn and soybean production along with a utilization outlook reported by USDA-ERS. Regarding cost of production, it outlines egg prices at different points of the supply chain and then provides a projection for Midwest and U.S. average egg prices.


For historical reports and information, please contact EIC.

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