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Cage-Free Panelist: Jesse McCoy

Jesse McCoy speaking at microphone.Jesse McCoy of Neogen Corporation talked about water line cleaning and the related regulations. He indicated that when dealing with mineral build up, facilities need to do what they can to inhibit the minerals entering the water lines. “This may mean a filtration unit, it may mean treatment from day one to ensure these minerals stay soluble,” McCoy said. “Then make your line disinfection choice and frequency based on what you know is going into the system.” He summarized saying if you have never treated your water lines, it could be a two or three step process to begin with, but it will get easier over time if it is maintained.

During the question and answer session, McCoy challenged the audience when addressing a question regarding the impact of cage-free only offerings and how that contradicts consumer choice and the science that we know for food safety and other items. “We owe our industry the responsibility to have that discussion with the consumer,” said McCoy. He continued by emphasizing that it is the industry’s responsibility to have their personal story based on their first-hand knowledge ready regarding consumer freedom of choice and the science of cage-free. He explained that when you are asked what you do for a living or see someone in the grocery store, elevator, or airplane; you need to educate them. “Have your own soft way to talk to someone so you don’t alienate them out of the gate, but that discussion has to be ready to go,” said McCoy. “It is our responsibility.”

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