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Greg Herbruck

Vice Chair

Greg Herbruck

After completing a bachelor of science in Poultry Science from Michigan State University, Greg became a full-time employee of the family business in 1979. Today Greg leads the family business as President where he leads all Vice Presidents and all divisions, nine million hens and a team of +900 employees. He is responsible for financing, product marketing, human resources, client sales and distribution. Greg oversees all operations: Main Farm (2.6 million hens), Hennery (2.9 million hens), Green Meadow Organics (2 million hens), contract specialty egg production (1.9 million hens), Chickery (2.5 million pullets), Rector Rd. (1.5 million pullets), and feed mill operations. Additionally as president, Greg administers all farm functions related to production, processing, marketing & sales, all office operations. He is involved in the United Egg Producers, the Midwest Food Association, is previous member of the American Egg Board and, the past President of Michigan Allied Poultry Industries.

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