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Jeff Henning


Jeff Henning

Chairman of Henning Holdings and its affiliates, Jeff Henning has been employed with the company for 45-years starting after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Operations from Iowa State University. Henning Family Farms is a partner in several egg farm partnerships including poultry industry companies created to add value to by-product waste streams from eggs and egg products production. Two resulting companies are Naturally Recycled Proteins (NRP) and Biova.

Henning was named Iowa Poultry Person of the Year in 2002, and is a founding member of the Egg Industry Center Advisory Board. Henning serves on the board of the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity National Education Foundation and is a member of the United Egg Producers Allied Association, Iowa Poultry Association, International Egg Commission, and numerous local civic organizations and associations. Previously, he’s served on the Midwest Poultry Consortium board, was Mayor for the City of Latimer, Iowa (10-years), and was named Outstanding Graduate of the Iowa Military Academy in 1971. 


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