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Paul Patterson

Paul Patterson

Dr. Paul Patterson is a Professor and Poultry Science Extension Specialist for Pennsylvania State University and holds a doctorate degree in poultry science and nutritional science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His main research interests target environmental poultry management, including the management of manure and by-products of poultry production as well as the impacts of odor, flies and traffic on the environment at the urban-rural interface. Other research efforts through the years have been geared to enhancing producer profitability and improving egg production, quality, and food safety.

A two-time past member of the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Applied Poultry Research and subject editor for their layer management section, Patterson is currently service as editor for the World Poultry Science Association, USA Branch. He has been a member of many industry appointed committees such as Pennsylvania's Egg Quality Assurance Program and the United Egg Producer's Scientific Panel on Air Emissions and the American Egg Board Research Award Committee. Patterson is currently a member of the World Poultry Science Association, the Poultry Science Association, the Southern Poultry Science Society, and the American Poultry Historical Society.

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