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EIC Director Recognized by ISU and Iowa Egg Council

March 10, 2020

Iowa State University released an announcement recognizing Richard S. Gates as holder of the Iowa Egg Council Endowed Professorship. 

The press release quote Gates as saying, “I am honored to hold the title of Iowa Egg Council Endowed Professor, and I pledge my commitment to our continued success in the Egg Industry Center. The Iowa Egg Council demonstrated incredible leadership and trust by creating this endowed faculty position. With their strong support, our center is able to set the most relevant research and outreach agenda possible. This partnership is key to the center’s success in focusing on how we impact the most critical issues affecting the nation’s egg industry.”

“The successes demonstrated by the Egg Industry Center would not have been possible without a leader dedicated to its priorities and vision and focused on investigating the needs and interests of egg farmers,” said Kevin Stiles, executive director of the Iowa Egg Council. “This is why the Iowa Egg Council created this endowed professorship, and why we are proud to be a part of continuing the tradition of excellence with Dr. Richard Gates."

Media coverage of the event includes:

WATTAg - March 20


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