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June 24, 2024

IEC representatives and EIC representative stand against wall to represent challenge to industryAMES, Iowa - The Egg Industry Center's mission is to add value to the egg industry through research and educational programming that benefits egg farmers. As celebrations for Egg Month and National Egg Day end, the Egg Industry Center (EIC), with the help of the Iowa Egg Council, is turning the focus to egg production research.  

"Egg farmers have supported EIC's research for years, and so the Iowa Egg Council is issuing a challenge to the greater network of state, regional, and national associations; allied industry, and egg buyers who have not supported the center to help the egg farmers fund the research they need," said Kevin Stiles, Executive Director of the Iowa Egg Council. "To that end, the Iowa Egg Council is issuing a dollar-for-dollar match of funds donated to the Egg Industry Center, up to $100,000, through the end of 2024."

The egg industry has faced many critical issues over the last several years and that has increased the need for egg research funding. "Since EIC makes funding available to institutions within North America, and the Center’s work benefits egg farmers across the country, I wonder if everyone would consider sharing the research cost," said Stiles.

Part of the motivation for the challenge was the increasing requests received annually by EIC's Egg Research Grant Program, which was $3.2M in 2023 alone. "EIC has many great projects submitted each year where the industry needs the resulting scientific information," said Jeff Henning, EIC Board Chairman. "But the resources we currently have are limiting our ability to make the impact the board would like to make for the industry, and we are working to change that."

EIC's work has helped the industry with everything from sustainability and disease to animal welfare and housing. To date, EIC has provided funds to researchers at 14 institutions throughout North America to improve the scientific body of knowledge surrounding on-farm egg production and processing.

"EIC's investment in research has helped ensure the egg industry can continue its ability to produce safe, affordable, animal welfare-friendly, and environmentally sustainable eggs for families," said Brett Ramirez, Interim Director of the Egg Industry Center. "Egg farmers are tasked with adapting every day to the needs of today's consumers; to do that well, they need new research to help them."

Because the Egg Industry Center is located at Iowa State University, donations are deposited at the ISU Foundation. This organization manages EIC's funds allowing for tax-free giving for donors. For more information on the Egg Industry Center go to

The Egg Industry Center was established at Iowa State University in 2008. Its grant program started in 2013 and has awarded over $2.9M to egg researchers to date. The Center connects the egg industry to the scientific solutions that can help achieve its goals.

The Iowa Egg Council is a statewide producer-supported organization founded in 1973. It works to understand and meet evolving consumer needs while focusing on increasing the value and consumption of eggs and egg products.

Photo Caption: Challenge Issuers (L to R): Kevin Stiles, CEO & Executive Director, Iowa Egg Council; Lesa Vold, Program Manager & Communications Specialist, Egg Industry Center; Bruce Dooyema, Chairman, Iowa Egg Council.

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