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New Research Funded by EIC

May 15, 2017

The Egg Industry Center located at Iowa State University recently approved funding for five new egg research projects. These awards conclude the provision of funding for 15 projects totaling nearly $885,000 since the Center started its award program in 2013. Funds have been provided to researchers at nine different U.S. universities based on their proposals to the Egg Industry Center Advisory Board. Newly funded egg research projects include:

  • Cage-free housing ventilation options to reduce disease spread, improve air auality and enhance bird welfare led by Dr. Eileen Fabian located at Penn State University.
  • Comparison of gut and lung microbiomes of hens raised in conventional and cage-free houses to determine disease susceptibility led by Dr. Melha Mellata located at Iowa State University.
  • Development of feasible methods to extract immune-enhancing yolk IgY and produce differentiated and functional yolk products led by Dr. Tong Wang located at Iowa State University.
  • Analysis of sequence data of survivors and controls from highly pathogenic Avian Influenza outbreaks led by Dr. Anna Wolc of Iowa State University.
  • Improving the transition between rear and lay environments to improve welfare and productivity of aviary-housed laying hens led by Dr. Janice Siegford of Michigan State University.

The first EIC-funded project finalized its research recently and was reported on at the 2017 Egg Industry Issues Forum in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Maja Makagon of UC-Davis presented highlights of her research related to keel bone damage.

EIC was proud to partner with the Iowa Poultry Association to make this information available in their recent member newsletter. EIC encourages your dissemination of the information we post. If you have questions regarding re-use of this information, please contact us.

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