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Vold Named A Rising Star

June 21, 2023

Lesa receiving ACE AwardThe Association for Communication Excellence (ACE) awarded a 2023 Rising Star Award to Lesa Vold, Program Manager and Communications Specialist for the Egg Industry Center located at Iowa State University. 

The ACE Rising Star honors communicators, instructors and researchers who demonstrate expectational leadership and technical skills in their communication field, to their institution, and in service to the ACE organization. ACE is an international association offering professional development and networking for individuals working in the fields of agriculture, natural resources and life and human sciences communication.

Over the years, Vold has helped to strengthen communications at the Egg Industry Center (EIC) through development of general communications materials, creation of a tradeshow presence, launching of the center’s annual impact report, strategic use of the center’s three social media channels, outreach to the industry’s research community through administration of the center’s grant program and redesigns of the center’s website. Vold has previously won several ACE category awards by submitting work completed for the center, and she has served ACE as a state liaison, national conference co-chair, an ambassador, and currently serves as the chair of the media relations and writing learning community.

“I love my job here at EIC, and I love that organizations like ACE exist to help me do my job better for the people the Center serves,” said Vold. “I am truly humbled to receive this award given the experienced communicators involved in ACE.”

Vold has worked for the Egg Industry Center since 2012 and remains committed to improving the Egg Industry Center’s communications as the Center moves toward the future. Please help us congratulate Lesa Vold for her outstanding efforts and achievement of this award.  

Photo Caption: ACE President and University of Florida Professor, Ricky Telg (right), presents Lesa Vold (left) with ACE Rising Star Award.

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