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Welcome Tianna Charlson

May 20, 2022

The Egg Industry Center welcomes their 2022 summer intern, Tianna Charlson. She is a sophomore from Iowa State University and is pursuing an animal science degree. “This internship is an amazing opportunity for me.  In a single internship I get to work with three different poultry organizations. I just started and I have already learned so much about the industry. I can’t wait to see where this internship takes me and the opportunities I will have along the way.” 

Charlson has already recommended that her friends apply for this internship next year. “I personally don’t know many other internships that can give you such an in-depth overview of an entire industry. The Egg Industry Center gives me the opportunity to work in the egg industry on a national level.” Charlson said that her goal upon graduation is to work in the poultry industry and she feels that participating in this internship has set her up for success.  

Charlson grew up on a small acreage in Iowa and accredits her interest in the poultry industry to the experiences she had in 4-H. She also has a love of horses and family and will work with the Egg Industry Center and then with the Iowa Egg Council as they host their famous “egg on a stick” exhibit at the Iowa State Fair. 

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