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Speaker Presentations - 2014

July 31, 2014

The 2014 Egg Industry Issues Forum was made possible thanks to the generosity of these sponsors.

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Economic Perspective for the EU Egg Industry

(File size 999 KB)

CSES Flock One Preliminary Findings

(File size 1.5 MB)

Clarifying the Confusion and Uncertainty

(A slide deck is not available for this presentation.)

CaliforniA Market Realities: A Food Retailer's Perspective

(File size 1.4 MB)

American Egg Board Drives Increased Egg Demand

(File size 5.4 MB)

Hen Housing Conversion: What comes with it?

(File size 1.5 MB)


FDN: What you should know. What Is Next?

(File size 538 KB)

Understanding the Microbiology of Hen Housing Systems

(File size 1.1 MB)

FSMA Progress Update On FSMA Rules

(File size 351 KB)

An Overview of the FSMA Proposed Rule for Intentional Adulteration

(File size 1 MB)

The Egg industry Center wants to again thank all of our wonderful presenters!

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